Card payments now available on DreamApply

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One part of the application process here at Corvinus University of Budapest is to pay the application fee in the amount of 75 EUR and provide the University with proof of payment. The application fee is compulsory and non-refundable – we are unable to waive this fee for any applicant, but we have now made it easier to complete this step by introducing card payment option.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to pay the application fee and upload your proof of payment to DreamApply before the deadline, which for September intake is 30 April.

Step 1 – Find your invoice generated by the system.

Once you create your application, the system will generate an invoice in your name. You will need this invoice to be able to pay the application fee.

You can access your invoice via the email notification you will receive to the email that you used to register and create the application or by logging into DreamApply. Once logged in, go to the Finances section on the left-hand side. This will lead you to your invoice.

Step 2 – Find the SimplePay button on your invoice.

Once you open the invoice, you will be presented with your personal information on the left side and bank details of the university on the right-hand side. Scroll down until you see a grey button “Pay with SimplePay” on the right-hand side. After pressing the button, you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to pay with your card.

Step 3 – Pay the application fee and take a screenshot of the confirmation.

Once you have been redirected, enter your card details and proceed according to the instructions on the page and/or your mobile bank app. Remember to take a photo or a screenshot of the confirmation after your payment has gone through, since you will need to upload this as proof of payment within your DreamApply application.

Step 4 – Upload proof and stay patient.

As mentioned before, remember to upload your proof of application fee payment to your application. This will allow us to confirm your payment with our finance department. Once we verify that your payment arrived, we will begin processing your application.

7 Feb 2024