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Operations and Decision Sciences Doctoral Program

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Corvinus’ PhD program in Operations and Decisions offers you the possibility to join scientific research reflecting on practical problems embedded in today’s complex and dynamic environment.

This complexity requires to analyse problems at different levels of analysis. To achieve this, the program provides the possibility to research business networks, supply chains, but also that of their building elements, firms, and their relationships. In addition, we explore the interdependencies of these levels and add the behavioural aspects of decisions.

Complexity also pervades the objectives. First, there is a need to balance short- and longer-term business objectives. Second, traditional business objectives must be integrated with social and environmental aspects.

Additionally, new technologies, like digitalization and Industry 4.0, put classic process management and resource planning into a new perspective. Connectivity, visibility, and continuity have become key requirements.

Such a complexity drives the need to integrate different levels of decisions with behavioural aspects and facilitates to focus on often ambiguous management decisions that ultimately drive performance.

Programme structure

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Career opportunities

The two pathways have the same training and output requirements, the degree obtained (PhD) is the same, the difference will be in the target group, the aim of the training and the way the training is organised.

Academic career
This is the place for you if you want to work professionally in research and education or if you want to pursue a career in higher education and research.

Expert career
This is the ideal choice for you if you already have experience in business, public administration, culture, diplomacy and want to put your knowledge into practice.

Apply now! PhD academic year 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
9 Sept 2024
Apply now! PhD academic year 2024/25
Application period has ended
Studies commence
9 Sept 2024